Intellectual Disclosures

Distal Radius Hybrid Spatial Frame. MR Boland. Filed. (01/2004)

Distal Ulna Plate. MR Boland; CP Charoglu; WR Rosenblum. Filed. (01/2004)

“Elbow Ankle Chondral Picks” MR Boland. Product Commercialized – Royalty Agreement with Arthrex 2006. (01/2004)

Distal Interphalangeal Fusion Cage. MR Boland. Filed. Working with Gatton Business School to file for Kentucky Small Business Grant. (02/2004)

Elongated Proximal and Shaft Humerus Plate. MR Boland; WR Rosenblum. Filed. (01/2004)

Total Distal Radioulnar Joint Replacement. MR Boland. Patent Approved. Non Disclosure Agreement signed with Acumed, Licensure Agreement signed, Prototypes made 510(k)FDA Application and Engineering Drawings in progress. (01/2005 – Licensure)

Distal Ulna Fracture Fixation and Ulnar Shortening System. Nondisclosure agreement signed with Stryker Trauma. (02/2006)

Arthroscopic Scapholunate Ligament and DRUJ Ligament Reconstruction System. Nondisclosure agreement signed with Arthrex. (02/2006)

Major Educational Achievements

Student Representative on Curriculum Committee, University of Otago Medical School – Years 4 through 6, 1984-6.

Summer Studentship 1985 – The Learning Process in Medical Education.

Publication – Boland, MR; The Learning Process in Medical Education, New Zealand Medical Journal, 1985.

Advanced Training in Orthopaedic Surgery -1992 through 1996 – supervision of Junior Orthopaedic Residents.

Chairman, Program Committee, FRACS Part two examination course and practice examination, November 1996, Auckland, New Zealand.

Registrar (resident) Education Program Director – Rockhampton Base Hospital, Australia 12/1996 to 10/1999.

Director of Orthopaedic Surgery and Registrar (resident) Education Program Director- Townsville General Hospital, Australia, 10/1999 to 11/2000 and 12/2001 to 11/2002.

Author/Designer of Orthopaedic Curriculum at James Cook University, New Medical School began at this University in 2000.

Senior Lecturer in Orthopaedic Surgery, Orthopaedic Representative on Curriculum Committee, Australia 10/1999 to 11/2000 and 12/2001 to 11/2002.

Lecturer in Musculo-skeletal Anatomy and Chief of First Year Musculo-skeletal Anatomy Course. James Cook University, Australia, September 2000 and September 2002.

Supervisor of Wrist Arthroscopy Course – Kleinert Institute, Louisville KY, September 2001.

Program Director, Combined Plastic/Orthopaedic Resident Hand Surgery Teaching Program – University of Kentucky 2003 to 2008.

Chairman Program Committee- Thomas Brower visiting Professor Lecture Series June 2005

Course Supervisor, Center for Biomedical Engineering, University of Kentucky, BME 672 Musculoskeletal Biomechanics 2006 to present PhD Mentor and Supervisor, Joseph Bader, Function of the Forearm:

  • Designed an implant for stabilizing the proximal and distal interphalangeal joint, allowing for faster bony ingrowth
  • Created 3D reconstructions of bones using MRI scans
  • Worked with cadavers to obtain anatomic and kinematic data
  • Acquired kinematic data through the use of electromagnetic tracking systems and reflective marker systems
  • Gained experience on hydraulic mechanical testing devices and ran fatigue and compression tests on various orthopedic implants and materials
  • Obtained electromyographic data on forearm muscles for use in biomechanical modeling

PhD Mentor and Supervisor, University of Auckland, Auckland Biomedical Engineering Institute, Desney Greybe – Creation of a Finite Element Model for the Study of Forearm and DRUJ Function.